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Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for Computer/Desktop/PC/Laptop/Surface/Smart TV and Windows 10/8/ 7 Built in Rechargeable Battery
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About the product
  • Easy Setup: Simply insert the nano USB receiver into your computer and use the keyboard instantly.
  • Ergonomic design: Stainless steel material gives heavy duty feeling, low-profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing.
  • 6-Month Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium battery with an industry-high capacity lasts for 6 months with single charge (based on 2 hours non-stop use per day).
  • Ultra Thin and Light: Compact size (16.9 X 4.9 X 0.6in) and light weight (14.9oz) but provides full size keys, arrow keys, number pad, shortcuts for comfortable typing.
  • Package contents: Arteck Stainless 2.4G Wireless Keyboard, nano USB receiver, USB charging cable, welcome guide, our 24-month warranty and friendly customer service.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Use that warranty
[Updated] I mentioned that this keyboard's design is incredible: lightweight and ergonomic (it doesn't take up much space despite being a full-size keyboard and the keys are so low that my fingers aren't straining to hit the keys at all). Although the keys are rather flat, they're actually quite springy to type on.I had some problems with the first keyboard I got (key sensitivity issues), and Arteck's service team was quick to reach out to me about it. The issue was covered by the warranty and I received a replacement keyboard in two days (wow!). I'm pleased to say that the replacement is MUCH better; it doesn't have any of the issues I encountered with the previous keyboard.At the risk of sounding like an endorsement, I gotta give my thanks to Arteck and their service team for their hard work.
One of The BEST Keyboards I've used!
I am a professional graphic designer and photographer with a strong background in IT using more keyboards than I can count. I am in the studio all day long working on numerous computers. THIS keyboard is seriously amazing! Specifically for the price! I initially set out to find a keyboard that had more of a laptop feel as the keys *click differently and seem to activate quicker. 90% of my shopping is online, reading reviews such as this so I rarely get to test a product before delivery. With that is what i think:I LOVE the feel of this! Each key is exactly where it should be. Every key press has a softer click but I wouldn't say is silent. The backside is the brushed metal which gives it the sturdy and professional feel. it is VERY lightweight, but the grips on the back keep it from sliding around on a flat surface. There is no palm rest so I have just pushed the board up a couple inches. Nothing to complain about there. It comes almost fully charged and uses the provided USB cable to recharge. Which I think is AWESOME because there is no reason to buy and replace batteries. It is incredibly responsive and just a joy to work on.I have purchased MANY keyboards. This replaced the bulky gaming keyboard that was just too much work to use. i prefer the short X keys over the mechanical ones any day!Ill DEFINITELY be purchasing another for the other machine!UPDATE: May 1st 2020 - Still going strong and still incredibly satisfied 😊
Kohdi Rayne
1 major flaw, but GREAT customer service
EDIT 2** The recement item cane free of charge, as customer service offered. The new keyboard does seem to have any of the issues the first one did. That being the case, I have changed this review from a 3 to a 5. Great product and exceptional customer service.**EDIT 1**: After leaving this review, Arteck customer service contacted me, unsolicited, regarding my concerns. They offered to send a replacementThey were very friendly and fast and offered to replace the item at no cost, including shipping. I have updated this review from a 3 to a 4 simply for the GREAT customer service. I will update when the new products arrives and I am able to review.**If you are a relatively fast typer than the keyboard will mis stokes. Especially on double leter strokes. I am typing this on my keyboard now, and not corecting ay of the erors that it causes. Especially on double leter strokes.The keybard looks great. I really like the fel of the keycaps and it is not too loud. It des get frustrating though, having to go back and corect wods that were typed correctly.
Great keyboard. Excellent customer service.
I bought this keyboard to use with my work laptop. The fact that it's rechargeable is a huge reason for purchasing this specific keyboard. My previously employer provided me with a MacBook Pro and a wireless apple keyboard, so when I my new employer gave me a windows machine with a wired Dell keyboard, I came to Amazon.I was looking for a keyboard that was similar to the Apple keyboard that I had been using. While this isn't quite the same, it's pretty close. You can use the keyboard while it's recharging (they provided a charging cable). The keyboard is very light and minimal (which I was looking for). I did have issues with the initial keyboard that I received. It seemed like the 'G' key was less responsive than the other keys, so I reached out to the seller.The seller provided excellent customer service. They promptly remedied the issues by sending me a replacement. The replacement seems to work as I would expect. I can definitely recommend this keyboard. If for some reason you do have issues, the seller seems to really stand behind their product.
Fantastic suprise
Easy to setup, just plug the usb dongle in and turn on. So far I LOVE it. It is my ideal resistance/feedback for a keyboard. I came to write this review just so I could have a chance to type more! It's a lot slimmer and more lightweight than I thought it would be, very slick. The back is polished stainless steel so while it feels very thin and lightweight it's still super ridged and doesn't flex very much while the keys are being pushed. When I ordered it I thought I was just getting an ok replacement keyboard for my ageing HP keyboard, but I was pleasantly surprised right out of the box with the quality of it. Hopefully it holds up for a while and the battery life is decent. Comes with a USB charging cord so we will see. Otherwise great keyboard, especially for the price!
Great keyboard!
I've been using this keyboard for over a week now and I'm really happy with it! I've seen some bad reviews about battery life or delays in typing but I haven't encountered any problems with mine!The keyboard is slick, light, with anti sliding rubber underneath and metal on the bottom side of it, that makes it feel premium. Funny enough, the keyboard fits perfectly on top of my laptop if I need more space on the desk, as shown in my pictures.I haven't had to charge it once yet, so I've nothing to complain aboout when it comes to battery life. In terms of speed of typing Vs input into your computer, the keyboard got connected almost instantly the first time I plugged it in and it's been working as fast as my laptop inbuilt keyboard, without ANY delays.The keys are perfect size for my fingers, the indicators on top for different features like Function Lock or Caps Lock etc are super handy having them where they are, also in different colours. You see which features are on and off with just glancing them rather than having to look directly at them. The power switch is very handy, although it would be nice if it was lit up when on as well, but that's minorOverall, value for money and a top notch product. Would totally recommend!
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