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Closet Light Under Cabinet Lighting - 20 LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb with 3 Color Modes - 4 Pack Rechargeable Cabinet Lights & 6 Magnetic Strip - Easy to Stick-on Cabinet Closet Stair with 3M Sticker
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About the product
  • 3 Color Modes - The 20 LED light bulb designed with 3 color modes, one side is white light, and the other side is warm light. So you can change it between white or warm or combination(white and warm light work together) by pressing the mode button.
  • AUTO ON/OFF - Motion Activated when detects your motion within 10 ft distance in dark, sensitive reaction with 120°wide sensing angle. It will turn off automatically after you leave the sensing area 15s . Note: It will stop working while the sensor detects light, so don’t install two cabinet lights nearly.
  • Always-On Mode - Upgraded closet light provide the always-on mode, which can work over 4 hours continuously in an emergency. It will stop detecting motion and light until you change the mode. Press and hold the mode button 3s into always-on mode with any color light.
  • RECHARGEABLE BUILT-IN BATTERY - Powered by rechargeable built-in batteries, which was safety and environmental. If the light was dimming, please charge in time. We provide 2 USB cables.
  • 3M STICKERS - Simply install on most of walls ceramic tile, wood surfaces. No tools, screws or nuts are required. Also, the adhesive strip with magnet is easily attached to and detachable from the lamp body.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
These are superb!
I ordered 2 of these 3 years ago and was very happy with them and their simplicity and operation. When I found out that they now make a rechargeable unit I had to get another set and try them out and I cannot tell you how super pleased I am with them! First off they are very bright and long lasting and super simple to install.Either stick on or with a magnet (both are supplied) and they are so easy to recharge, they even supply not one plugin charging cord but two so you can easily charge in other rooms or even your car. You can mount them just about anywhere. Charging is simple: plug them in and a red light comes on. When it is fully charged the light turns Blue-simple. I specifically got one for the glove box in my car, I can't believe it did not have a light so you can see inside but with the Fansteck Motion Sensor light it mounts easily and is very bright and most importantly it goes on and off with the opening and closing of the glove box door. See photos. And I can charge it right in my car! One other location I have placed a unit is under the bathroom cabinet storage area. Usually a dark spot but not with this rechargeable light. It is easy to see inside and as long as you are moving something the light stays on because it is motion activated. The other spot I located one is as a floor light. They are so low profile and thin all I needed to do was place it against the wall on the floor. It senses you when you approach and turns the light on for bright safer walking in a dark area or night time. They stay off when it is daylight. I cannot say how pleased and Happy I am with these lights and highly recommend them A+
Barry C. Lawrence
Simple to mount, love being rechargeable and motion-activated
These are handily because they produce instant light where mounted and they are designed to mint with magnetic strips (included), so they can be taken down and recharged as needed. Because they activate on motion, they turn them selves off when not in use to save battery. I enjoy the micro USB interface for recharging.
Easy to mount, remove, and charge. Lasts forever.
Much better than expected.One charge lasts forever.Good deal for the $$$.Magnetic stripe pops off easy for charging.Very pleased with a low dollar purchase
stephen k.
Great lights to have in dark spots.
Love these things. Lite up a lot with just a walk in the room. Work really well with a charge. About a week they keep going with a full charge. And they are bright all the way to the end.
Greg M.
Just what I was looking for!
 Honestly, I only needed one. I saw this 4 pack and thought why not. I was just looking for a light that I could easily mount in my basement near a printer. That’s exactly what I got (x4)! Each light strip/bar is light. The back is metal. They come with very strong sticky back 3M magnetic strips so mounting them is a simple matter of peeling off the sticky cover and sticking them to wherever you want them to go! They arrived with enough of a charge to turn them on. I went ahead ad plugged them in and was pleased to see a red light charging indicator. I’ve already mounted one under a basement shelf in a work area, and another beneath a cabinet above my coffee maker and I have two more!Taking them down to charge is simple, just pull them off the magnets, plug them in to charge, then put them back on the magnets!
Sensor light for Dark Places and USB Charging
Installed this on bathroom door.* Light is bright than expected.* Its 7" long and light cover good area (see picture there is no other light in that room)* Sensor works for me from 5-6 feet far as I mounted it on top of door at lower level it may work for far distance.* No batteries required it comes with USB charging.* Magnetic strip in back to mount with 3M tape.
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