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Feagar Rücken-Kissen Auto, Lendenkissen für bürostuhl & Sofa, Memory Foam rückenstütze, Schwarz
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Just what I needed for better back support
Working 8hrs sitting in front a computer can be very tiring for the back.This Back pillow is what I needed to add better support and improve my posture while working.Whe I started using this pillow, I noticed my back was a bit painful, but I guess it was because the new-healthy posture was something to what my body was not used to.Now I feel way better. No back pain and better posture during working times.
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Marie-Luise S.
Thank you it's really great! I was using a very flat Ikea chair; this days I (we all) must sit a lot and this article is very comfortable :) :) Very fast delivery as well!
Top für Büro Stuhl
Hab für mein Büro Stuhl ein Kissen für den Lenden Bereich gesucht . Bin damit sehr zufrieden , fühlt sich gut an und ist soweit ich das sagen kann auch solide verarbeitet .würde mir es auf jedenfall wieder kaufen .
Perfect for a long stream
Decided to get a lower back support for when I stream as am sat for hours in the same position, this has been a great decision it fits perfect to any chair with the straps being big and elastic, and is very supportive and comfortable, it can be moved up or down to find you the ideal position.I always leave my honest opinion on all purchases. If you like my review and it’s helped you in any way please click the helpful button found underneath this review.Thank you !!!
Stevan H
First impression: awesome (thank you pupper for teething on my last wheelchair cushions)
I thought my last back support cushion was ok and good enough- I had been eyeing this and the matching seat cushion for a few weeks, so when my teething puppy decided to give me a reason to need new ones I ordered these. It just arrived and if I’m honest I felt really dubious about it but when I strapped it to my wheelchair I was amazed, now I can’t wait for the seat cushion to arrive later today! I’ll update after I’ve used it for a while.
Wheelchair girl
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