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Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights Music Sync, EWEIMA 20ft LED Mood Lights for Bedroom with Remote and IC Chips, Color Changing Light Strip with IP65 Waterproof for TV, Bedroom, Room, Party, Led Rope Lights
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About the product
  • 【ADVANCED IC CHIPS】 EWEIMA Dreamcolor led strip lights adopt unique IC chips technology and high-sensitive mic, make multiple colors, brightness and speed in the one color changing light strip can be changed simultaneously with the music beats or your microphone. [NOTICE: Due to the built-in chip, dream color strip light is NOT available to cut and splice.]
  • 【LED LIGHTS SYNC TO MUSIC】Sixty five dynamic effects, six music effects, sixteen static effects, automatic dynamic effect and music effect. LED strip lights sync with music, let your passion beat with the lights. You can DIY any color you like for your gaming room, PC monitor, TV backlight, cabinet and bedroom ornament by the remote control.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】Self-adhesive tape can be easily placed on any clean, dry and flat surface with strong adhesion, flexible to install anywhere you want. 6 fix support clips attached can help you fix the position of the light strip better.
  • 【SAFE TO USE】EWEIMA led rope lights approved by UL, CE, RoHs and FCC certification, low voltage, low heat, no radiation. IP65 waterproof material enables both indoor and outdoor use. [NOTICE: In order to ensure stable voltage, the dreamcolor led strip light cannot be connected in series.]
  • 【RELIABLE AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Please carefully read the User Manual before using. 24-Hour Customer Support, we offer a free after-sales service for the 24 months. If the LED Strip Lights is damaged or has other problems, please contact us for a SATISFACTORY ANSWER.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Very bright with fun light patterns + good music reaction mode
 I got these lights to start building up a DJ livestream setup, so I was attracted by the music response function.First of all, these are SO fun on the light pattern modes. I didn't expect to like them so much, to be honest. I have't unspooled the lights yet since I want to better plan where I'm putting them, but watching the patterns is mesmerizing even when they're wound up (and I think it makes it clearer how they work). Of course, this means you can't cut the strips to be shorter, but it does result in really cool patterns. I'm planning to combine it with some single-colour strips that can be cut shorter. I did a video running through most of them pretty quickly to give a sense of the variety. The rainbow ones really show off the usefulness of the multi-colour LED support.Second, the music response works pretty well. There's a fair bit of variety in colour and patterns, similar to what you'd get from visualizers in PC music players (I did a video for this, too, but unfortunately can only upload one per review), and it reacts pretty quickly/there's not a big lag from the beat. The microphone for it is located on the receiver, which will be close to the lights themselves since the cable from the receiver to the start of each light strip is about a few inches. One thing that was weird is that the receiver doesn't seem to have openings for the sound to enter, but it responds well to a normal sound level so I guess it's working okay.Otherwise, these are pretty standard strip lights. Comes with an IR remote (no app support that I could find, unfortunately, but the remote works fine), and has a regular plug end (the actual adapter itself is kind of large, so would cover multiple plugs if oriented normally, I think because it draws a lot of power). The other modes available are single colour and other basic patterns. Another thing to be aware of is that the lights can't be run in series--you have to connect each of the two directly to the receiver. This is fine for me but will affect how you can set up the strips.Overall, very impressed, and it helps that on top of the features, the lights are pretty inexpensive (about $25 when I bought them). You might be able to find cheaper ones if you just need single-colour modes, but if you like the variety or plan to use these with the music function, I've been really impressed.
Very fun!
These are fun lights! My son couldn’t wait for me to buy them for him. We couldn’t believe how many different colors you could change it to. We just redid his room to be a big kid room, so it added a great touch! My suggestion would be to buy some strong adhesive strips to put on the back, as the adhesive that comes on the back doesn’t stick great to textured walls.
Amy Atkinson
They are only able to ve used indoors.
I absolutely love these lights. They are LED and respond to the beat of the music. They are the ultimate party lights. I highly recommend them for all of your parties.
carey cronkbuck
Bright clear colors
Very easy to set up. Just unroll it onto where ever you'd like it. I did it on my flat screen tv. My neighbors came over and noticed it and wanted to get one for themselves. Goes with music and has a remote. Love it!
So neat and beautiful colors
I love it. It works great and I love the colors. We put it on my Mom’s deck.
Cari G.
So much fun!
Works great! My son loves these lights!
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