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OMOTON Handy Ständer kompatibel mit iPhone 9/11 pro max/11 pro/XR/11/Xs/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus, Multi-Winkel Phone Stand für Huawei, Samsung, Schreibtisch, andere Smartphone, Aluminium Legierung, Silber…
  • 【PRACTISCHES DESIGN】Multi-Winkel Design und Kabel-Loch-Design. Ständer drehbar bis zu 220 Grad. Mit diesem Tisch Ständer können Sie die Batterie Ihres Handys frei aufladen. Da das Ladekabelauslass vorhanden ist und es genug Platz für das Ladekabel ist.
  • 【GUMMI MATTE】Eine Unterlage aus Gummi und Aluminium von 4mm Stärke des Handyhalters lässt das Handy in der Halterung fest und stabil auf dem Schreibtisch stehen.
  • 【KOMPATIBILITÄT】Dieser OMOTON Phone Ständer ist kompatibel mit alle 3.5-8 zoll Phone sowie iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Huawei usw.
  • 【PRÄZISE BEARBEITUNG】Diese Handy Halterung besteht aus Aluminium und super high strengthened Stahl Material, sehr stabil, höhere Festigkeit, leichter Gewicht.
  • 【NÜTZLICHES Büro GESCHENK】 Als Weihnachtsgeschenk für Familie oder Freund ist es die überraschende Auswahl.
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Best stand for smartphones & tablets!
Friends, it's an excellent quality product. Just go for it. I have been using it for my 6 inch smartphones and 10 inch tablets. It's sturdy, flexible and aesthetic product with great finish.
Rajesh Bhosale
Amazon Customer
does the job
works great
Worth it....
Great stand for my phone. I use it everyday.
Adjustable Phone Stand...What More Can You Ask For?
PROS:• Perfect for video chatting, eliminating the stress placed on your hands and arms from constantly switching back and forth during long chat sessions, and providing a hands-free environment• Perfect for using it as a charging stand next to the bed side• No more struggling to lean the phone on the side of a wall during video chat, only to have it fall down moments later• Big bottom padding stabilizes the stand, preventing it from sliding and providing a sturdy foundation when adjusting the angle viewing point or during phone usage• Big bottom silicone soft pad prevents not only scratching the base of the stand, but also the base of where the stand is placed• Two leg silicone soft pads as well as the U-shaped pad prevents the bottom and back of the phone, or any device, from scratching and scuffs, while also providing a sturdy foundation to keep the device stabilized• Multiple viewing angles allows versatility to adapt to any environment, whether it'd be standing up, lying down, or just sitting, placing the screen exactly where desired• Two legs has ample spacing to fit most phones with thicker cases• Aluminum material is thick, strong, and durability is high, while also being fairly lightweight• Hole openings in the back-plate allows neat placement of charging cable or power cableCONS:• Viewing angle can be a little stiff to adjust• Hinge is tight, therefore prolong periods of usage in frequent viewing angle adjustments may loosen its tightness
Works GREAT!!!
I LOVE this cellphone stand! It was a game changer for my home office. Before, I’d prop my cell on the laptop edge, or book, or anything to access the mute button easier (and other functions). Living in the country, in a valley, I’d loose reception if I swiveled even a little in my chair, so I always had to ground the cell on my desktop. Now, my work cellphone is always at the perfect angle to access its functions in and out of a call; plus, the speaker is more vibrant, I guess because the sound is projected off of the desktop. The cellphone itself, is always accessible in it’s new, grounded home next to my monitor. Also, it’s so much better to see incoming calls and texts, even when I am a few feet away from the desk. Of all of the stands I looked at, I suspected this was the best rubberized base pad out there, and it turned out to be true. My wife has another brand, with small round rubber pads, and I noted mine was superior in not slipping. It’s extremely sturdy, and has the right amount of tension in it’s flip feature. The wide feet for the phone allows me to use it with my cell case on. It’s sturdy enough for my iPad, as well. I have been highly recommending it to my colleagues and friends. You can’t beat the function of this item for such an incredibly low price.
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