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Pro NEPS Driver- an Enhanced Version of The Neps Driver Basic Tool (green handle).  Includes Aluminium Handle, .Robust tip and Inner StorageDesigned to Make Inserting/Removing Neps Screws Much Easier/Quicker Than Using Regular Flat tip Screwdrivers. SPARE POINTS AVAILABLE
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About the product
  • B07R8W9GXW
  • DESIGN. Neps specialized tool . It's design takes full advantage on NEPS screws unique features 
  • USE: Neps driver tip provides a small stem on it's tip. This is conceived to be inserted in the NEPS centered hole to make a better alignment and guidance to the epee point screw hole . The tipdriver shoulders allow this tool to match screw slots in order to apply torque effort
  • MATERIAL: The Improved Core shaft and tip are made from hard steel. This core is inserted in an ALUMINUM handler with textures to improve grip and a BACK Deposit to allow screws in it. 
  • COMPATIBILITY: Neps screws can also be operated with regular screwdrivers although it is advisable to use Nepsdrivers
  • IMPORTANT OPERATION ADVICE: When using it, REMEMBER  it's always MUCH better SKILL than STRENGTH! 
  • SPARE Insert Points for this special driver will be available SOON on AMAZON.
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